Our Soul

We are what we wear. Fashion is made to enhance, to showcase, to put on display who we are. It is a conscious choice we make and we believe you should feel phenomenal about those choices every day.

We bring eco-conscious ideals to the high-fashion wardrobe. Chic doesn’t have to mean following trends and consuming style that has negative impact on  your world. At Artisara, chic is timeless silhouettes, renewable resources, and 100% plant-based fabrics. Feel good, look good, do good.

We are passionate about vegan, fair-trade fashion for the well-dressed woman. Caring deeply about the environment and the world in which we live doesn’t have to mean kissing your favorite fashion goodbye. Every dress in our collection works to make the world a better place while keeping your wardrobe up to date and easy to wear for any occasion.


Our Truths

Fashion shouldn’t mean sacrifice. By creating fashion-forward clothing with organic and plant-based material, you’re standing up for your beliefs and helping make the world a cleaner place with every dress you buy.

Fair trade is the only trade we know. One of our highest priorities is ensuring that every hand involved in the process of creating your dress is well taken care of.

Fashion is meant to accentuate, not obscure. Artisara dresses complement your natural beauty with timeless forms.


Our World

From first thread to finished product, Artisara dresses ooze sustainability, timelessness, and a passion for more. At Artisara we believe in “shifting your dress.” To us, this statement means so much more than simply slipping into something new. When you shift your dress, you also shift your mindset, your shopping habits, your lifestyle toward a more sustainable way of living. Our dresses aim to help you feel stronger, more confident, and more aligned with the stunning natural beauty you already possess. Fashion to us isn’t about masking who you are, it’s about revealing it through simple designs that speak volumes in any situation. From everyday wear to special occasions, Artisara dresses stand out because they compliment your natural beauty in a wonderfully natural way.  

Artisara is dedicated to creating vegan, fair trade fashion that is in harmony with your ideals, values and lifestyle. We care for the planet and it’s inhabitants with every step of our design process so your buying power goes further when you choose Artisara. With every dollar we spend in today’s world, we have the opportunity to make a stand and have our voices heard. At Artisara we do our best to make your voice go further.

When what you wear on the outside matches who you are on the inside, the power you create is unstoppable. That is what “shift your dress” and Artisara is all about.