Our Values

Artisara is about much more than a cute dress (although, don’t get us wrong, the cute dress is extremely important, too!). That’s why our values are so important to us, and we believe they are important to our customers (that’s you!) too. When you purchase an Artisara piece, you become part of a community that holds the following values close to our hearts:


We love animals and desire to create clothing that positively impacts the animal populations on our planet. This is why 100% of our fabrics are plant-based.


100% of the fabrics used to create Artisara pieces are also organic. This means no toxic herbicides or pesticides are used in the growing or harvesting of crops used to create our fabrics. This creates a safer environment for the workers and farmers, creates better air and soil quality, and is safer for you as a well-dressed woman.

Fair Trade

All our dresses are made following fair trade practices in Andrea’s  home country of Slovakia - in a small town Puchov in the northwest part of Slovakia in the heart of Europe.

All seamstresses involved in the creation of Artisara pieces are of working age, provided with safe and comfortable working conditions and are paid a fair and decent wage that enables them to make a good living doing something they love.

Our clothing labels are fairly made in a family-owned clothing label company in Trencin, Slovakia.

We believe fashion should not mean sacrifice, including those involved in the creation of our pieces.


There’s just something about a handmade touch that we deeply believe makes a difference in the quality of clothing you wear. Our commitment to handmade and high quality pieces also allows us to offer jobs to true masters of the seamstress craft rather than relying on industrial factories that have a negative impact on the environment.


We believe our customers have the right to know the real costs of each dress. That is why we state under each dress exactly what went into it from cost to labor and production.

Environmentally Friendly

We practice a zero waste policy to help minimize our impact on the environment in which we all live. All unused fabric pieces leftover from the creation of Artisara pieces goes to other small businesses we have chosen to partner with who hold our same values and can utilize the smaller fabric scraps to create their products. All denim scraps go to a company that specializes in making glasses frames from recycled denim and recycled books.

Any bamboo and organic cotton scraps leftover are that don’t fall into those two partnerships are sent to a company that makes pillows and are used to help create a comfortable stuffing for the pillows. It is extremely important to us that we use every tool available to us to be eco-friendly and minimize our impact.

Promoting the Greater Good

Giving back  is as important to us as creating a sustainable business. We are all stewards of this Earth we live on together and as such we believe deeply in sharing our wealth with the world. 5 eur from the purchase of each dress is donated to a verified animal shelter or sanctuary of our choice.

And yes, we are also PETA certified ...

Peta Approved Vegan