The Brand

Artisara - Shift Your Dress

Artisara is a stunning, simple collection of minimalist vegan dresses that offer classic silhouettes in comfortable organic fabrics for a timeless look that contributes to a greater good. Wear your lifestyle and shine with the power and confidence you hold within you. If you’ve been searching for vegan, fair trade fashion for the well-dressed woman, look no further. Artisara complements your natural beauty with timeless looks and simple sophistication that allow you to wear what you believe and share that with the world.


The Creator

Andrea Tali - Andrea Talavaskova

Andrea believes that what you wear should reflect what you believe and make you feel good. When you feel good you approach the world with a different energy and succeed with a different mindset, and it all starts with the inherent beliefs you hold dear.  

From this deep-seeded belief and a passion for creating a more sustainable world with every purchase we make, Andrea created Artisara. Constantly inspired by innovative, alternative, and recycled fabrics,  Andrea set out to do something different in the fashion world. Andrea’s background is not in the fashion industry, which allows her to step away from the constant barrage of changing trends to bring a fresh perspective and direction to the fashion world.

Harmony, ease, alignment with nature, and love and respect for all living beings are of the utmost importance to Andrea and these values serve as her compass as she creates each stunning dress. Everything about these dresses speaks to her personal style and stems from a desire to create the kind of dresses she would wear daily not only because they look and feel great, but because they contribute to a greater good in the world, too.

To Andrea, clothes are the second skin we use to express ourselves. Every day we have the opportunity to wear something that reflects what we believe on a deeper level. At the end of the day, Artisara is an extension of everything Andrea believes in - cute, flattering clothing that helps everyone to remember we are all part of one world and that all parts of that world deserve our respect and love. From animals to our environment and beyond, Andrea designs with a deep respect for all living beings.